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OLT releases decision on 5111 New St. development

Posted on Tuesday, December 06, 2022 03:00 PM

Burlington, Ont.—Dec. 6, 2022—Last week, the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) released its decision in the appeal for the development at 5111 New St.

In 2020, the Tribunal approved a settlement between the City and Appellant to permit infill development of three multi-unit residential buildings of nine, 12 and 12 stories at the Appleby Village Plaza at Appleby Line and New Street. The Tribunal had withheld its order confirming the approval of the settlement while the City and the Appellant provided the Official Plan Amendments (OPA) and Zoning Bylaw Amendment (ZBA) in their final forms.

During this time, the Appellant refined its development concept to include retirement home use. In September 2022, Burlington City Council approved an amendment to the Offer to Settle to include ‘retirement home’ as a permitted use. The parties provided the OPA and ZBA in their final form and the Tribunal issued its decision confirming the Tribunal’s order.

City Planning staff’s review of the development and...

New online guide available to help navigate tree protection and tree permits in Burlington

Posted on Tuesday, December 06, 2022 09:30 AM

Burlington, Ont.—Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2022— The City of Burlington has created a “Guide to Tree Protection” to help property owners and applicants navigate tree protection and the City’s tree by-laws, with a focus on the Private Tree By-law. The free guide is available online at

Information in the Guide includes:

  • What rules are in place to protect trees?
  • Which trees are protected under the City’s tree by-laws?
  • When do I need or not need a tree permit?
  • How do I work around trees without hurting them?
  • What do I need to get a Private Tree Permit?

The Guide also features helpful illustrations that highlight key points to working around trees and aspects of the permit application. These illustrations will help applicants understand what is needed when applying for a tree permit.   

What is the Private Tree By-law?

The Private Tree By-law protects trees on private property within the City’s Urban Planning Area Boundary. If you live within the Urban Planning...

woman holding coffee next to 'Burlington Vote' identifier

Post-election survey: Share your feedback about the 2022 Burlington municipal election

Posted on Monday, December 05, 2022 01:16 PM

Burlington, Ont.—Dec. 5, 2022— The City of Burlington is looking for feedback from the community about the 2022 municipal election process. The online survey is available at and is open until Dec. 23, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

Of the 142,218 eligible voters in Burlington, 39,217, or 27.6 per cent, voted in the 2022 election, including:

  • Advance voting locations (Oct. 15 and 18): 4,018 votes
  • Online voting (Oct. 11 to 20): 14,980 votes
  • Election Day, 24 voting locations (Oct. 24): 20,219 votes

The four-year term of office for the elected representatives is Nov. 15, 2022 to Nov. 14, 2026.

Burlington is a city where people, nature and businesses thrive. Sign up to learn more about Burlington at and follow @CityBurlington on social media.

Quick Facts
  • Voting for the Burlington 2022 municipal election took place between Oct. 11 and 24, 2022.
  • A copy of the certified, official election results is available at, along with...

City of Burlington Responds to Severe Impacts of Bill 23

Posted on Thursday, December 01, 2022 02:06 PM

Burlington, Ont.—Dec. 1, 2022— Bill 23, the More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022 was passed by the Province of Ontario Legislature on Nov. 28, 2022, even though the deadline for feedback on the Bill has been extended to Dec. 9.

The changes in Bill 23 will significantly limit the City’s ability to provide and make important housing-related infrastructure and service decisions resulting in increased costs for Burlington residents.

Changes in Bill 23 that will have an impact on the City’s quality of life and revenues to support complete communities include:

  • Removing tools available to the City to deliver housing which is affordable to many Burlington residents
  • Removing the ability for the City to choose where to locate parkland for new developments
  • Capping the amount developers contribute to new parkland
  • Less fees the City can collect from developers for essential infrastructure like community centres, parks, roads and other community amenities
  • Changes to existing heritage property planning:...

Redesign, adaptive re-use and costing plan proposed for former Robert Bateman High School building

Posted on Friday, November 25, 2022 04:45 PM

A comprehensive staff report for the redesign of the adaptive reuse of the recently acquired Robert Bateman High School (RBHS) incorporating the results of a recent cost estimate, prepared by a third-party cost surveyor, along with a multi-year capital financing plan  will be presented to the City’s Environment, Infrastructure and Community Services (EICS) committee on Dec. 8.

The City is repurposing the existing Robert Bateman High School into a multi-purpose community hub that will contribute significantly to the City’s major community facilities to accommodate future growth and will also help meet our objective of being net-zero carbon by 2040. The reuse and conversion of the former secondary school will be completed via interior renovations, enhancements and minor site plan modifications as part of Phase 1.

The total gross estimated cost of construction for phase 1 is $72.75 million, with a breakdown of costs below.