PRESTO Contactless

No cash? No problem. You now have more ways to pay when you use transit in Burlington and across the GTHA!

PRESTO contactless is an easy way to pay and get on the bus. You can use your credit card to pay your Burlington Transit fare, including cards on your phone or watch. Simply tap your card, phone or watch on a PRESTO machine when you get on the Burlington Transit bus. You can also use PRESTO contactless on Brampton Transit, Durham Region Transit (DRT), GO Transit, Hamilton Street Railway (HSR), MiWay, Oakville Transit and York Region Transit (YRT).

When you use PRESTO contactless, the fare you pay is the same as our cash fare.

Most major credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express, are accepted. When tapping a phone or watch, please select the payment card you’d like to pay with in your mobile wallet. For some phones and watches, you may need to unlock your device before tapping.

Frequently asked questions 

View frequently asked questions (FAQs) about using PRESTO contactless with Burlington Transit.

How much are transit fares with PRESTO contactless?
When you use PRESTO contactless, the fare charged will be the same as our cash fare.
Will I still get my student or senior discount fare?
If you qualify for a discounted fare, you will need to use your PRESTO card to get the discount.
How is my credit card charged when I use PRESTO contactless payment?
The PRESTO system will record your trip each time you use your card to travel.
When will my transit fare be charged to my payment method?
Your credit card will be charged the total fare amount for your trip(s) taken that day by the end of the day.
Which card will be charged if I tap my physical wallet with multiple cards?
PRESTO devices can accept both PRESTO and credit cards, so tap only with the card you want to use. Remember to take the card you want to pay with out of your wallet, purse or phone case whenever you tap. Taking your card out to tap will make sure you pay with the right card.
How can I see my fare when I tap with my credit card?

If you use your credit card to pay on Burlington Transit, you you can check your transaction history on the PRESTO App, the PRESTO website; or check your credit card statement or bank account to see how much you were charged for the fare.

Your daily transactions will show up by the end of the day.

You won’t be able to see your fare on the PRESTO machine when you tap your PRESTO contactless payment method.

How do transfers work with PRESTO contactless?
Transfers are the same, whether you pay using PRESTO contactless (your credit card) or your PRESTO card.

When riding with transit agencies that offer PRESTO contactless payment:

  • Tap your credit card when you get on the bus or are waiting for the train.
  • Tap off at the end of your journey if needed.
Your final fare will be calculated and charged to your payment method when you tap off at the end of your trip.
Can more than one person use the same card at the same time?
No, each person travelling will need to use a separate credit card.
How do I register my credit or debit card to a PRESTO Account?
Once you use your credit card to travel at least once, you can add it to your PRESTO Account. If you don’t already have a PRESTO Account, you can create one on the PRESTO App or website, then choose the “Add a Card” option and follow the prompts under “Add a contactless card”. Make sure that you enter the correct card information.

Why should I register my credit card or debit card for PRESTO contactless payment?

When you register your contactless credit card and add it to your PRESTO Account, you can see your transaction history for the last 180 days on the PRESTO App or website. If you don’t add your credit card to a PRESTO Account and you sign in anonymously, you can only see transactions for the last seven days.

When you add a credit card to a PRESTO Account you will also:

  • Receive notifications related to your contactless card through the PRESTO App.
  • Be able to manage your trips and PRESTO contactless payments.
  • Be able sign into the PRESTO App or website with your email address and password instead of your credit or debit card number.

If you’ve used a credit card at least once to take transit, you can add it to your PRESTO Account and see more of your transaction history.

For more information on PRESTO contactless, please visit or call the PRESTO Contact Centre at 1-877-378-6123.