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Exception 461

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Jun 13/16

1. Lands developed under a comprehensive site plan shall be deemed to be one lot for the purposes of applying zoning regulations. 

Yard and building setback from an internal property line:

0 m

Exception Diagram 461A

2. Building Height:

Convention Centre:

2 storeys up to 9.5 m maximum


6 storeys maximum
2. Landscape Area: 

Abutting Burloak Drive:

10 m

Abutting North Service Road:

5 m

Abutting a creek block:

0.5 m
3. Parking:
  1. A minimum of 302 parking spaces shall be provided for a convention centre with a maximum floor area of 2608m2 (including mezzanine) and a hotel with a maximum of 135 suites.
    1. Notwithstanding Part I, section 2.25.1: of the 302 parking spaces required for a hotel and convention centre, a minimum of 267 spaces shall be provided on the property containing the hotel and convention centre, and the balance of required parking spaces may be located on another lot within the area of eligibility show in Diagram 461B. Such alternate parking shall only be situated in the City of Burlington, and shall be subject to subsection (ii) herein. Such alternate parking shall be surplus to the number of spaces required on the affected lot by Zoning By-law 2020, as amended.
    2. Where required parking spaces are provided in accordance with subsection (i) above, the owners of all lots shall enter into an agreement with the City of Burlington to be registered against the title of the lot upon which parking is to be provided and the property containing the hotel and convention centre for which the parking is required.
    3. Parking as provided for in subsection (ii) may be transferred to another lot in accordance with subsection (i), provided that an agreement as required by subsection (ii) is registered on title of said other lot.

b. Each surface parking space shall have a minimum width of 2.67 m, a minimum length of 6.0 m, and a minimum area of 16.02 m2.


c. Notwithstanding (b) above, the dimensions of designated accessible parking spaces and of parking spaces located in a parking structure shall be in accordance with Part 1, section 2.26.


d. The minimum width of a circulation aisle for vehicles shall be 6.0 m.


e. A minimum of 20 bicycle parking spaces shall be provided for a convention centre with a maximum floor area of 2608 m2 (including mezzanine) and a hotel with a maximum of 135 suites. Such bicycle parking spaces shall be located within the external property line of the property containing the convention centre and hotel, as show in Diagram 461A above.


f. Notwithstanding PART 3, section 4.9, there shall be no maximum number of parking spaces in a parking area, and no separation required between parking areas.


g. Notwithstanding PART 1, section 2.36, the setback from a creek block for the at-grade parking area shall be a minimum of 0.5 m.

  Exception Diagram 461B
5. The hotel and convention centre shall each provide a pedestrian-accessible door located within 30 metres of each other along the Burloak Drive frontage.
Except as amended herein, all other provisions of this By-law, as amended, shall apply.


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