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April 28, 2008

1.Prohibited Uses:
Flea Market
Large Building Supplies/Garden Store
Large Furniture and Appliance Store
Large Home and Auto Supplies Store
Warehouse CLub
Supermarket/Grocery Store
Farmer's Market
Commercial Parking Lot
Funeral Home
Community Institution
Automotive Uses
Video Game/Pinball Machine Arcade
Night Club
Those uses listed in Part 1, Subsection 2.21, Uses Permitted in All Zones, except for the following:
Home Day Care
Day Care Centre
Group Home
Emergency Shelter
Residential Social Services
2.Additional Permitted Uses:
Dry CLeaning Depot, Laundromat, Laundry Service
Apartment Building
Retirement Home
Stacked Townhouse subject to Part 5, Table 5.5.1 of this by-law
Automotive Uses within and acccessory to a department store
Dwelling units in a commercial/office building
3.Regulations for a Department Store:
Lot Width:
Lot Area:
25 m
1000 m2
Gross Floor Area:12,000 m2 maximum
A maximum of 15% of the floor area of the department store (1,800 m2) may be used for the sale of food products.
Front Yard:
Side Yard:
Rear Yard:
3 m minimum; 4.5 maximum
No minimum
3 m
Yard abutting a creek block:None required
Yard abutting a pipeline easement:7 m rear, 3 m side
Landscape buffer abutting a street:3 m
Landscape area abutting a creek block:None required
Notwithstanding the provisions of Part 1, Subsection 2.25, "Off Street Parking and Loading Requirements," a department store shalll have a maximum of 524 spaces.
Part 4, Subsections 4.5 and 4.6 of this by-law shall not apply to the first department store constructed on this site.
Building Height:
Maximum 3 storeys (up to 12 m maximum)
4.Regulations for all other permitted uses:
    Lot Width Area, Yards:
Lot Width:
Lot Area:
Side Yard:
Yard abutting a street:
Rear Yard:
Yard abutting a pipeline easement
Separation distance from a railway right-of-way
25 m
1000 m2
No minimum
3 m minimum; 4.5 m maximum
3 m
7 m rear, 3 m side
30 m for land uses sensitive to a railway right-of-way
Height and Density:
Floor Area Ratio:0.5:1 minimum
Floor area per all other retail commercial, service commercial, hospitality, entertainment or recreational uses: 500 m
Residential Density:
Building Height:
55 units/ha minimum
Two storeys minimum; no maximum
The gross floor area of each upper storey of a building containing more than one storeymust be at least 50% of the gross floor area of the first storey.
Landscape Area and Buffers:
Landscape Area abutting a street:
Landscape Area abutting a creek block or 03 zone:
3 m
3 m
An outdoor patio may encroach into a required landscape area abutting a street.
A 3 m wide walkway shall be provided between the buidling and the street and shall be unencumbered except that a driveway may cross the walkway.
Every building located within 60 m of Fairview Street or Brant Street shall provide a pedestrian accessible door on the building elevation facing the street.
Parking shall be provided in accordance with the provisions of Part 5, Subsection 4.6 of this by-law.
Except as amended herein, all other provisions of this by-law, as amended, shall apply.


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