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Exception 452

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Exception: 452

Zone: MXE-452

Map: 28W

Amendment: 2020.350 PL141237 (OMB)

Enacted: July 21, 2015
               September 11, 2017

 1. Prohibited Uses: Outdoor amenity areas associated with a hotel.

2. The following additional uses are permitted:

  • Bank, Trust Company, Credit Union
  • Hotel

The hotel shall include sealed, inoperable windows connecting to noise and odour sensitive spaces such as hotel suites or conference rooms and recreation areas, i.e. pool and fitness studios, with a minimum Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of STC 31;

The hotel shall include a minimum STC 42 rating for the exterior walls;

The ventilation intake for the hotel and the hotel rooms shall be drawn through a carbon filtration system with the air intake for the hotel to be at grade level at the northwest end of the hotel. The air intake filters are to be maintained and changed following the manufacturers recommended schedule;

The hotel shall be kept under slight positive pressure under normal meteorological conditions.

The lands zoned MXE-452 are classified as a Class 4 Area as defined by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment Environmental Noise Guideline Publication NPC-300.

3. Regulations:

i) Hotel:
Maximum number of units: 108
Minimum yards south: 3 m
                              east: 16 m from property line
Maximum Height: 6 storeys

ii) Mixed Use Building:
Maximum gross floor area: 345 square metres

iii) Standard Restaurant:
Maximum of one freestanding building permitted
Maximum gross floor area: 470 square metres
Minimum setback from street: 4 m
Maximum setback from a street 10 m  

iv) Fast Food Restaurant:
Maximum of one freestanding building permitted
Maximum gross floor area: 280 square metres
Minimum setback from street: 14 m
Maximum setback from a street: 18 m

v) Banks, Trust Companies, Credit Unions:
Maximum one freestanding building
Stacking lanes and/or drive aisles are not permitted on a building elevation facing a street

A maximum of one drive-through is permitted on the site

Parking:  152 spaces including 6 designated accessible parking spaces

Landscape area:
South: Minimum 1.5 m (adjacent to parking only)
North: Minimum 1.4 m

Minimum setback from an O2 zone for parking: 3.5 m

Minimum setback from an O2 zone for building: 4.0

4.  The lands zoned MXE-452 shall be considered one lot for the purposes of applying zoning regulations
      and shall not be subject to the additional regulations in Part 1, Section 2.33 of Zoning By-law 2020
      applicable to Parcels of Tied Land in any zone other than a Low Density Residential Zone.

Except as amended herein, all other provisions of this By-law, as amended, shall apply.



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