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Exception 453

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Exception 453

Zone R04-453

Map 29

Amendment 2020.353 PL140053 (OMB)

Enacted Dec 3, 2014 (OMB)


1. Permitted Uses:
Only the following uses are permitted: Apartment buildings, ground floor accessory
uses as permitted in the R04 zone, and
an amenity building.
2. Regulations for apartment and amenity buildings
Shown in Diagram 453:
a) Maximum number of apartment units: 297
b) Maximum density: 237 units per hectare
c) Maximum gross floor area for accessory
uses: 1260 m2
d) Building Height
Buildings A, B and D: Maximum 6 storeys up to 19.5 m
including parapet
Building C: Maximum 4 storeys up to 13.5 m
including parapet.
Building C shall not exceed 3 storeys
and 10.5 m including parapet from a
fixed grade elevation of 156.8 masl
within 18 m of the south property boundary.
Amenity Building: 2 storeys
e) Front Yard (Sutton Drive)
Buildings A and D, ground floor: Maximum 8.5 m
Building A, Floor 2: 0.1 m
Building A, Floors 3 to 6: 2.7 m
Building A, Floor 3, setback to terraces: 0.1 m
Building A, Floors 4 to 6, setback to
balconies: 1.5 m
f) Rear Yard (Twelve Mile Trail): 6.0 m
Buildings B and C, setback to terraces
and balconies: 3.5 m
Amenity Building, setback to terrace: 3.0 m
g) Street Side Yard (Dundas Street): 3.0 m
Buildings A and B, setback to patios/
terraces/balconies: 1.0 m
h) Side Yard (south property boundary): 15.2 m
i) Setback to hypoteneuse of a daylight
triangle: 0.1 m

j) Parking for visitors and accessory uses: 91 spaces plus 4 lay-by spaces
k) Lot coverage 64% maximum
l) Amenity area 20 m2 per unit
m) Landscape area adjacent to east
property boundary: 3 m
n) Fencing on lands abutting a residential
zone: Maximum height of 2.5 m
o) Setback of parking lot from Sutton Drive: 2.2 m
p) Setback of below grade parking structure: 0.05 m from Sutton Drive and 2.8 m
from Dundas Street
q) Driveways and parking lot setback from
a building containing windows of habitable
rooms: 0.2 m

Except as amended herein, all other provisions of this By-law, as amended, shall apply.


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