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LPAT Nov 16/18

1.         Regulations for an Apartment Building:

             a)  Notwithstanding, Part 1, Section 2.27 – Table 1.2.9, the deemed width of Lakeshore
                  Road shall be 24 m

             b)  Yard Abutting Lakeshore Road:

i)      Minimum:                                                      0 m
ii)     Maximum:                                                     6 m
iii)    Balconies:                                                      0 m

             c)  Yard Abutting Martha Street:

i)      Minimum:                                                      0 m
ii)     Maximum:                                                     26 m
iii)    Balconies:                                                      0 m


d)  Yard Abutting a DRM zone and Rear Yard:   

i)      Minimum for storeys 1 to 3:                                           1.3 m
ii)     Minimum for storeys 4 and above:                               11 m
iii)    Maximum:                                                                       24 m
iv)    Balconies:                                                                       0 m
v)     Outdoor Pool:                                                                 5.3 m

 e)  Side Yard (West)

i)      Minimum for storeys 1 to 3:                                          0 m
ii)     Minimum for storey 4:                                                  3.4 m to columns; 4.5 m to building                                                                                                 face
iii)    Minimum for storeys 5 and above:                              2.9 m
iv)    Maximum:                                                                      6 m
v)     Balconies:                                                                      0 m
vi)    Outdoor Pool:                                                                1.5 m

f)  Setback from the hypotenuse of a daylight triangle:          0 m

g)  Parking Structure:

i)      Abutting Lakeshore Road:                                                  0 m
ii)     Abutting Martha Street:                                                      0 m
iii)    all other lot lines:                                                                 0 m
iv)  Entrance and exit ramps to below grade
      parking structures setback from Martha Street:                0 m

              h)  Building Height:                               27 storeys maximum up to 88.75 m, not including
                                                                             the stairway access corridors between the first and
                                                                             second floors

       i)   First storey height:                   6.5 m, not including the stairway access corridors
                                                                between the first and second floors

ii)     Second storey height:           2.8 m

            i)  Density:                                                                    240 units maximum

            j)  Floor Area Ratio:                                                     13.3:1 maximum

           k)  Ground floor retail and/or service commercial
                floor area:                                                                389 m2 minimum

     l)  Maximum floor area

i)      Storeys at or above the 4th storey:          760 m2

ii)     27th storey (excluding mechanical and
        electrical rooms):                                        65 m2

m)  Parking:

i)      Occupant parking:                     1 space per unit
ii)     Visitor parking:                          None required

                                                                                All parking spaces shall be provided below grade

             n)  Amenity Area:                                     Indoor:              435 m2
                                                                               Outdoor:           690 m2
                                                                               Balconies:         2085 m2

             o)  Visibility Triangle:                              None Required

 2.         Community Benefits:

            Entering into an agreement authorized under Section 37 of the Planning Act, including the

            Provision for Local Improvements - $550,000.00 for waterfront park 60 days after registration.

            Provision of affordable housing, beyond the basic Provincial requirements - $300,000.00 to
            Region of Halton for Burlington affordable housing, payable 60 days following registration.

            Provision of public art - $100,000 towards the public art reserve fund.

            Provision of one (1) publicly accessible car share vehicle located on Martha Street within the
            public ROW to contribute to the City’s car-share network.

 Except as amended herein, all other provisions of the By-law, as amended, shall apply.



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