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Jul 16/18
LPAT Jul 02/19


Part 1 – General Conditions and Provisions, Section 2.3 – Patios, Decks, Balconies And Porches – Residential, shall apply

Part 2 – Residential Zones, Section 18.10 – Encroachments, shall not apply


Regulations for Townhouses (Buildings 1 and 2 in Diagram 488):

  1. Maximum number of units: 14
  2. Front Yard (Georgina Court): 2.8 m
  3. Setback to front porch: (Georgina Court): 1.3 m
  4. East Side Yard for Building 2: 0.6 m
  5. Yard abutting Upper Middle Road: 3 m
  6. Maximum Building Height: 3 storeys to 11.5 m
  7. Visitor Parking: 5 spaces including 1 accessible space
  8. Privacy Areas for Building 1 may be open on the side opposite the building
  9. Landscape Buffer abutting any other residential use for Building 1, Unit 1: 0 m
  10. Privacy Areas for Building 2: Not required
  11. Amenity Areas for Building 2: 14.9 m2 per unit
  12. Setbacks for rear decks abutting Upper Middle Road (including roof overhang): 1 m
  13. Setbacks for landscape steps abutting Upper Middle Road: 0 m
  14. Setback to driveways and parking from a wall of a building containing windows of habitable rooms: 1 m



POTL Regulations: Notwithstanding Part 1 – General Conditions and Provisions, Subsection 2.33 Parcels of Tied Land (POTL), the following regulations shall apply:

  1. Front Yard abutting a common element road:
    Building 1: 1.7 m
    Building 2: 2.2 m
  2. Side yard adjacent to an exterior wall of a building: 0.6 m
  3. Yard abutting Georgina Court: 2.8 m
  4. Rear Yard:
    Building 1: 4.6 m
    Building 2: 3.2 m
  5. Rear yard setback to balconies and decks on Building 1: 3 m
  6. Setback to porch from Georgina Court: 1.3 m
  7. Setback to rear decks from Upper Middle Road (including roof overhangs): 1 m
  8. Setback to landscape steps from Upper Middle Road: 0 m


exception 488 diagram
Except as amended herein, all other provisions of this By-law, as amended, shall apply.


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