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PL180373 (LPAT)

Enacted (LPAT)


Dec 31/19

  1. Regulations for Apartment Building with Ground Floor Office:

     a)    Maximum Number of Dwelling Units:             49

     b)    Floor Area: 

             i)  Floor Area for Ground Floor Office:             183 m2 maximum

            ii)  7th Storey Area:                                            Only a rooftop terrace (maximum 150 m2)
                                                                                       and mechanical penthouse (maximum 205 m2)
                                                                                       permitted on 7th storey

     c)     Yards:

             i)  Abutting Plains Road East:
                      Underground Parking Vent and guard:                  1.6 m
                      Floor 7:                                                                      8 m to rooftop terrace
                                                                                                        8 m to mechanical penthouse

            ii)  Abutting East Property Line:

                      Floors 1-4:                                         3 m including balconies

                      Floor 5:                                              6 m to building; 3 m to terrace

                      Floor 6:                                              6 m including balconies

                      Floor 7:                                              22 m to rooftop terrace
                                                                                8.5 m to mechanical penthouse

           iii)  Abutting West Property Line:
                     Underground Parking Vent and guard:                 1.8 m
                     Floors 1-6:                                                                3 m; 2.6 m to balconies/terrace
                     Floor 7:                                                                     13 m to rooftop terrace
                                                                                                      21 m to mechanical penthouse

         iv)  Abutting South Property Line:
                   Underground Parking Vent and guard:                  4.8 m
                   Floors 1-4:                                                                 18 m
                   Floor 5:                                                                      21 m; 18 m to terrace
                   Floor 6:                                                                      21 m; 19.5 m to balconies
                   Floor 7:                                                                      23 m to rooftop terrace
                                                                                                     25 m to mechanical penthouse

     d)  Landscape Buffer:

            i)  Abutting East and West Property Line:                                  3 m
           ii)  Abutting South Property Line:                                                6 m
          iii)  Vent Encroachment into Landscape Buffer:                        1.2 m maximum
          iv)  Walkway Encroachment into East Landscape Buffer:        1.5 m maximum
           v)  Retaining wall, transformer and utility box may encroach into landscape buffer

     e)  Landscape Area Abutting a Street:                                            0.9 m

     f)  Parking:

            i)  Occupant Parking:                                                     55 spaces
           ii)  Shared Visitor/Office Parking:                                  16 spaces including 1 accessible parking space.
                                                                                                    May include Car Share and E/V spaces

     g)  Floor Area Ratio:                                                              2.5:1 Maximum

     h)  Height:                                                                              7 Storeys Maximum

      i)  Loading Spaces:                                                              None Required


Except as amended herein, all other provisions of this By-law, as amended, shall apply.



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