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Exception 44

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Exception 44

Zone BC1

Map 11



1. Notwithstanding the permitted Industrial uses only the following Industrial uses are permitted:

Industrial Uses:

  • Office Uses
  • Research and Development
  • Information and Data Processing
  • Knowledge Based & High Technology
  • Training Centre
  • Transportation, Communication, Utilities
  • Watchman/Caretaker residence

2. Regulations:

  • Lot width: 95 m
  • Lot area: 1.85 ha
  • Front yard: 30 m
  • Street side yard: 30 m
  • Side yard: 4.5 m
  • Rear yard: 30 m

Maximum building height of 3 storeys with the exception that the maximum height of any elevation facing the north property line shall be 2 storeys with no part of any basement or cellar to project above grade along this elevation.

Retail uses shall not have direct access from the building exterior, outdoor signage for retail uses is prohibited.

Parking of motor vehicles, other than automobiles shall not be permitted in a front yard or side yard abutting a street

Parking shall not be located within 15 m of a rear yard property boundary or within 6 m of a creek block

Outside storage is prohibited with the exception of refuse and waste containers which shall be enclosed and screened so as to not be visible from any street and be located within 7 m of any building

Landscape areas:

  • abutting a street: 20 m
  • abutting the rear property line: 10 m
  • between parking areas of individual properties: 4.5 m
  • abutting a creek block: 6 m

Except as amended herein, all other provisions of this By-law, as amended, shall apply



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