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Mar 21/05

Feb 13/17

 1. Regulations applicable to the entire site shown on Diagram 64

 Maximum floor area:                                                                              19,040 m2

 Maximum floor area for seasonal outdoor garden centre:                 1,608 m2

 Landscape area abutting Guelph Line:                                                  4 m

 Landscape area abutting Upper Middle Road:                                      3.9 m

 Landscape area abutting Upland Drive:                                                 5.3 m

Landscape area abutting hypotenuse of daylight triangle at               3.5 m
Upper Middle Road and Upland Drive:                                                   

Minimum building setback from property line to the north shall be 28 m, except that enclosures for loading docks and garbage compactors may encroach into this minimum setback area.

Windows or other means of providing visual access or visual exposure for commercial use are prohibited at the rear and east sides of the main building

Notwithstanding Part 1, Subsection 2.26 (1) (a) of this By-law, the parking space size existing as of the date of passage of Zoning By-law 2020.377 (February 13, 2017) located outside of Area A on Diagram 64 shall be recognized.

Notwithstanding Part 4, Subsection 6.10 (d) of this By-law, the parking area located in the southwest quadrant of the site shall be permitted to exceed the maximum of 190 spaces per parking area and shall not be included in calculating the average parking area size of 150 spaces.

2. Regulations applicable to Area A shown on Diagram 64

    The following uses are prohibited:   Funeral Home
                                                                Motor vehicle repair garage
                                                                Sale and/or repair of motorcycles
                                                                Assembly or banquet hall
                                                                Pool Hall          


Maximum number of restaurants:                                                             2
Maximum number of drive-through facilities for all uses:                       1
Separation distance between standard restaurant and
residential zone:                                                                                    30 m

Outdoor patios are prohibited on building elevations facing Upland Drive           

Diagram 64                                                                                                                                                   

diagram 64

Except as amended herein, all other provisions of this By-Law, as amended, shall apply.


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