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Dec. 18/06



Permitted Uses:


Buildings and uses that are ancillary to a cemetery


Prohibited Uses:






For purposes of applying zoning regulations, the entire property is considered one comprehensive development.


Lot Width:
Lot Area:

200 m abutting Snake Road
42 ha, including O2 zone land


Landscape Area:




Abutting a street:
All lot lines, excluding O2 zone:

4.5 m
9 m


Landscape Buffer:


Along most southerly limit of O1 zone: Abutting O2 zone:

3 m, except where burials are permitted by approved cemetery burial plan





Building setback from O2 zone:
Building setback abutting a pipeline easement:
Setback for burial from pipeline easement:
Setback for burial from O2 zone:

15 m
10 m
10 m
7.5 m
10 m along most southerly limit of O1 zone.Permitted as shown in cemetery burial plan approved by the Registrar of Cemeteries.


Maximum Site Coverage:

40% of net lot area.
Site coverage shall include all areas of the site coveredby hard surfaces such as paved or unpaved driveways, parking lots, loading areas and buildings.


Maximum Building Coverage:

10% of net lot area, excluding O2 zone


Maximum number of mausoleum:



Mausoleums, maintenance building, chapel and office uses shown in Diagram A are subject to regulations of Table B, and all other applicable regulations.





Maximum Gross Floor Areas, Building Setbacks and Building Height:



The maximum gross floor area, minimum building setbacks and maximum building height specified in Table B shall apply to Buildings 1 to 6 inclusive, as shown on Diagram A:




Building # & Use

Maximum Gross Floor Area

Minimum Building Setback

Maximum Building Height

1: Maintenance Building

675 m2

40 metres north lot line. 130 metres westerly 02 zone.
300 metre east lot line.

7.65 metres,
160 metres geodetic datum.

2: Mausoleum / Chapel

1400 m2

135 metres north lot line. 160 metres westerly 02 zone.
300 metres east lot line.

1 storey,
10 metres,
157 metres geodetic datum.

3: Mausoleum / Chapel

1650 m2

275 metres north lot line.
275 metres Old York Road.
220 metres Snake Road.
150 metres westerly 02 zone.

1 storey,
11.2 metres,
158 metres geodetic datum.

4: Mausoleum / Chapel

2750 m2

450 metres north lot line. 250 metres Snake Road.

2 storeys,
15 metres,
155 metres geodetic datum.

5: Mausoleum / Chapel

1575 m2

95 metres Snake Road. 575 metres north lot line.

1 storey,
12.4 metres,
150 metres geodetic datum.

6: Office

600 m2

15 metres Snake Road
Setback from 1588 Snake Road:
- 100 metres min,
- 150 metres maximum

1 storey,
5 metres,
147 metres geodetic datum.


Building Height:



Building Height shall be defined as the vertical distance from every point at grade around the perimeter of such building to the highest point of the building or structure and shall include any ornamental dome, chimney, tower, cupola, steeple, church spire, water storage tank, electric apparatus, sign, television antenna, structure work for mechanical equipment required for the operation of the building or structure, antennas, radio towers and satellite dishes.


Maximum height for columbarium, statues and accessory structures: 4 metres



Statue of Christ The King: 151 metres geodetic datum


Building Form:



A decorative exterior finish shall be maintained on all building elevations.


Except as amended herein, all other provisions of this By-law, as amended, shall apply.

This page was created June 29, 2007


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