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2.0 Permitted Uses (Part 3)

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 Table 3.2.1








Transportation, Communication and Utilities

√(b) √(b) √(b)


Transportation Equipment Industries


Non-Metallic Mineral Production Industries


Food Processing and Manufacturing


Metal Rolling, Casting and Extruding


Petro Chemical Laboratories



Bulk Propane Storage Depot per Part 1, Section 2.7


Solid Fuel Supply Yard




Oil Depot





Waste Transfer Station



√ (c)


Recycling Facility




Truck Depot





Metal, Wood, Paper, Plastic, Machine and Chemical Industries


Wholesale Trade

√  √  √ 

Private Propane Facility per Part 1, Section 2.7



Construction and Trade Contractors



Wholesale Building and Construction Materials



Machinery and Equipment

√ (a)


Public Transportation




√ a)


Medical Marihuana Production Facility           

√ (j)

√ (j)

Leather and Textile Industries

Furniture and Fixture Industries

Clothing Industries


Electrical Products Industries

Warehouse and Logistics


Storage Locker Facility

Training Centre

Research and Development

Information and Data Processing

Knowledge Based & High Technology

Pharmaceuticals & Medicines


Veterinary Service




Parking Lot




Accessory Dwelling Unit (for security or maintenance)



√(d) √(d)


√ (i) √ (i) √ (i)


Other Industrial Operations - General manufacturing, processing, fabricating and/or assembly facility



All Office Uses



√ (e)




Convention/Conference Centre


Banquet Centre





Car Wash per Part 1, Section 2.9


√ (a)

Motor Vehicle Sales, Leasing, Rental and Service




Motor Vehicle Service Station per Part 1, Section 2.10


Motor Vehicle Repair Garage


√ (a)

Convenience Store

√ (f) √ (f) √ (f) √ (f)

Nursery or Garden Centre



√ (f) √ (a,f)

Machinery & Equipment

√ (f) √ (f) √ (f) √ (a,f)

Computer Hardware & Software

√ (f) √ (f) √ (f) √ (f)

Office Furniture & Equipment

√ (f) √ (f) √ (f) √ (f)
Service Commercial

Standard Restaurant

√ (f) √ (f) √ (f) √ (a,f)
 Standard Restaurant with dance floor

 √ (f)

 √ (f)

 √ (f)

 √ (a,f)

Fast Food Restaurant

√ (f) √ (f) √ (f) √ (a,f)

Convenience Restaurant

√ (f) √ (f) √ (f) √ (f)

Night Club

√ (f,h) √ (f,h) √ (f,h)


Banks, Trust Companies, Credit Unions

√ (f) √ (f)
√ (f)
√ (f)

Retail Brewery

√ (f) √ (f)
√ (a,f)

Other Service Commercial Uses

√ (f) √ (f) √ (f) √ (f)

Recreational Establishment

√ (f) √ (f) √ (g)

Body-Rub Parlour per Part 1, Subsection 2.32  







a) Not permitted on lands abutting a residential zone.

b) Transmitting towers shall be setback from a street or residential zone 1 m for every 1 m of height above grade.

c) A Waste Container Facility is permitted in conjunction with a Waste Transfer Station, provided it is not located on a corner lot, and provided the waste containers are located at least 30 m from the street line and are screened from the street by the building or by a 3 m high masonry wall.

d) A dwelling unit for a person whose presence is essential for security, protection or maintenance of the property is permitted provided that the dwelling unit shall be located within a principal building and shall not exceed 75m2 floor area.

e) In addition to complementary uses, a maximum of 1400 m2 floor area may be used for retail uses.

f) Permitted on a lot having a total building floor area of 3000 m2. The total floor area of all retail, service commercial and recreation uses shall not exceed 15% of the floor area of each building within which a retail or service commercial use is located.  Notwithstanding the above, a restaurant may occupy up to 100% of the total floor area of a single building on a lot, provided that the total existing building floor area of all buildings on the lot is not less than 3000 m2, and provided the lot abuts an arterial, multi-purpose arterial or minor arterial road. Where multiple contiguous lots are developed as one comprehensive development or under a single comprehensive site plan, all lots shall be deemed to be one lot for purposes of applying this zoning regulation.

g) Outdoor recreational activities are not permitted on lands abutting a residential zone.

h) Permitted only in conjunction with a standard restaurant and subject to a maximum capacity of 500 persons

i) A crematory is not permitted within a distance of 70 m from the boundary of a Residential, Downtown, Uptown, MXG, or MXC Zone.

j) See Section 6.15


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