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4.0 CR Zone Regulations (Regional Commercial)

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4.1 Lot Width, Area, Yards

Table 4.4.1 



Lot Width

no minimum

Lot Area

no minimum

Front Yard

6 m

Rear Yard

6 m

Side Yard

6 m

Street Side Yard

6 m

Yard abutting a Residential Zone

15 m

Yard abutting a Provincial Highway

12 m

Yard abutting an 03 zone

7.5 m

Building setback abutting a creek block

7.5 m, 4.5 m if block includes a 3 m buffer

Yard abutting a Railway right-of-way

30 m for land uses sensitive to Railway rights of way (a)

Yard abutting a Pipeline Easement

7 m

Yard abutting a PC or P zone

6 m

(a) On lands located on Plains Road East, the yard abutting the CNR right-of-way for land uses sensitive to railway rights-of-way shall be 21.5 m, provided a 2.5 m high earth berm is installed abutting the right-of-way.

4.2 Building Height

Building Height: 3 storeys up to 12 m maximum

4.3 Separation Distance

Standard Restaurant: 15 m between the use and a residential zone.

Fast Food Restaurant: 30 m between the use and a residential zone.

Night Club: 45 m between the use and a residential zone.

4.4 Landscape Area and Buffer

Landscape Area:

  • Abutting the Queen Elizabeth Way: 6 m
  • Abutting all other streets: 6 m
  • Abutting a creek block or O3 zone: 6 m 
  • Yard abutting a PC or P zone: 3 m

Landscape Buffer:

  • Abutting a residential zone: 9 m

4.5 Loading and Unloading

a) Loading/unloading shall not take place within 30 m of a residential zone.

b) Loading/unloading docks shall be screened from view from a street or adjoining residential zone.

4.6 Outside Storage

a) Only merchandise displayed for retail sale may be stored outside, provided the merchandise is not stored in a truck, trailer or other vehicle.

b) Perishable waste must be kept in refrigerated storage within a building. Alternatively, perishable waste may be stored outside if a deep collection waste disposal system, comprised of a sealed container with a lockable lid located primarily below grade, is used.

c) Non-perishable waste stored outside on lands abutting a residential zone shall be kept within a solid screen enclosure subject to Part 1, Subsection 2.2.2.

4.7 Patio - Outdoor

Not permitted within 45 m of a residential zone

4.8 Parking

a) Parking shall be provided in accordance with Part 1, Subsection 2.25 "Off Street Parking and Loading Requirements"

b) Notwithstanding Part 1, Subsection 2.25 where a permitted freestanding residential use is located within the same lot as a permitted non-residential use and provided the non-residential use comprises at least 30% of the lot area, visitor parking shall not be required.

c) Parking of trucks and trailers is prohibited except when:

  • the truck or trailer is being loaded and unloaded
  • the truck or trailer is for customer use
  • the truck or trailer belongs to a property owner or tenant
  • the truck or trailer is being used for charitable purposes

d) Parking areas shall contain a maximum of 190 parking spaces and shall be separated from adjoining parking areas by a 3 m landscape area. Notwithstanding the definition of Landscape Area, a landscape area separating parking areas within a comprehensive development may contain a 2.0 m m wide walkway which runs parallel to and within the landscape area provided that the landscape area has a minimum width of 4.5 m. Where more than one parking area is required the average parking area size shall be 150 parking spaces. Connecting driveways may cross a landscape area.

4.9 Contiguous Lots

Where multiple contiguous lots are developed under a single comprehensive site plan all lots shall be deemed to be one lot for purposes of applying zoning regulations. A lot shall be used in a manner that complies with all of the regulations and prohibitions of this by-law that govern the lot itself and all of the regulations and prohibitions of this by-law that govern the entire development.

4.10 Amenity Area

Where dwelling units are located on the second or third floors above commercial uses a minimum amenity area of 20 m2 per unit shall be provided.

4.11 Restaurant Drive Through Facilities

a) Where drive through facilities are located in or adjacent to building elevations facing a street, landscaping shall be provided to screen the building from the street.

b) External conveyor pick-up systems are not permitted in a yard abutting a street and shall be setback 15 m from a residential zone.

c) Intercom ordering stations shall be setback 15 m from a residential zone.

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