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2.0 Permitted Uses (Part 8)

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With the exception of an ME zone, the uses permitted in a Rural Zone shall be in accordance with Table 8.2.1.

Table 8.2.1





Agricultural uses





Detached Dwelling





Forest, Wildlife, Fisheries Management Projects




Archaeological, Conservation Projects





Transportation and Utility Facilities


√ (a)  


√  (b)

Veterinary Services


√  (c)  


Riding Academy


√  (c)


Recycling Depot




Wayside Pit or Quarry




Portable Asphalt Plant


√  (d) 


Recreation Establishment



√  (e)

Accessory Farm Commercial


√  (f)


Accessory Farm Dwelling Unit


√  (g)


Footnotes to Table 8.2.1

a) Only linear Transportation and Utility Facilities are permitted in prime agricultural areas.

b) Only essential Transportation and Utility Facilities are permitted.

c) Permitted on existing lots having a minimum lot area of 1.2 ha, all buildings, structures or enclosures used for the keeping of animals shall be set back 30m from a lot line or street line.

d) For temporary use by a public authority in the construction of a public works project.

e) Only recreational establishments providing non-intensive outdoor recreational activities such as walking trails, nature viewing, bird watching, etc. as the principal use shall be permitted.

f) Permitted only in conjunction with a commercial farm as an accessory use to the farming operation, with the majority of the commodities for sale, measured by monetary value, produced or manufactured on the farm, and with a maximum floor area of 500 m2. Tourism uses accessory to the agricultural use on the property shall have a maximum floor area of 250 m2.

g) Permitted only in conjunction with a commercial farm provided the dwelling unit is for farm help or for a retiring farmer

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