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1.0 General Provisions (Part 9)

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Zone Designations:

RNA (North Aldershot Residential)
SNA (North Aldershot Special)
MRNA (North Aldershot Mineral Resource)
CNA (North Aldershot Commercial)
ONA (North Aldershot Office)
DNA (North Aldershot Development) 

No persons shall within any of the zones included in Part 9 of this By-law use any land or erect any building or structure except in accordance with the uses permitted and the regulations thereto and subject to the following:



a) Holding Zone

Where a zone designation is preceded by a Holding Symbol "H" the uses permitted shall be in accordance with Part 11, Subsection 1. Development or redevelopment of lands having an "H" zoning shall be deemed premature until the "H" prefix is removed in accordance with Part 11, Subsection 1.2.

b) Accessory Buildings and Structures

Refer to Part 1, Subsection 2.2

c) Patios and Decks

Refer to Part 1, Subsection 2.3

d) Fencing and Privacy Screens

Refer to Part 1, Subsection 2.4

e) Swimming Pools

Refer to Part 1, Subsection 2.5

f) Side Yard Requirement For "L" Shape Dwellings

Where the front elevation of a detached dwelling, without an attached garage or carport, designed in an "L" shape forming one side and one end of a parking space 4.5 m wide by 6.5 m long, the required side yard for that dwelling shall be the same as that required for a detached dwelling with an attached garage or carport.



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