For Enforcement Agencies

Enforcement Agencies Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do I pick up ticket books, provincial offence forms and 104 summonses?

Contact Line Mercier, our supervisor of court administration, by email at to make arrangements for pickup of ticket books.

You can pick up 104 summonses and provincial offences forms, such as motions, information and summons, at our provincial offences court. If you need large quantities, please email Line Mercier at to place an order in advance.

Where do I file young offender charges?

Anyone under the age of 16 is deemed a young person under the Provincial Offences Act. The Province of Ontario retains jurisdiction over young persons' cases. These matters are heard at the Ontario Court of Justice, which is administered by the Province. Learn more about Provincial Offences Act matters where the defendant is a young person or call the Ministry of the Attorney General's office at 905-878-4165 for more information.

Where do I swear to an Information and have a summons issued?

Agency intake is available by email at Please contact us or check our court news and notices for any scheduling changes due to intake court closures.

How will I know when my matters are set for trial?

We prepare and forward Notices of Trial to each enforcement agency as soon as practicable.

Who do I speak to about a scheduling issue or a court calendar inquiry?

Please contact Line Mercier, our supervisor of court administration, by email at regarding any scheduling issues or court news and notices inquiries.