Halton Court Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I access court services online?

Yes. You can apply for early resolution meetings and check the status of your court case online with Court Case Look Up

If you have a court appearance, you may opt to attend in person or virtually, using Zoom.

You can make payments online, by phone or in-person.

Can I complete my Request to Extend Time to Pay Application online?

Yes. Please email burlingtoncourt@burlington.ca to obtain the form. 

Can I complete my re-opening application online? 

Yes. Download the forms from our website and email your application to burlingtoncourt@burlington.ca

Can I access court services through email? 

We accept completed fine extension applications and reopening applications through email at burlingtoncourt@burlington.ca.

You can also check the status of your case by email or through our online Court Case Look Up.

What types of court services are available over the phone? 

You can make fine payments and inquiries over the phone at 905-637-1274. 

Can I mail in my court application? 

Yes. You can mail in your completed fine extension application or reopening application, or email it to us at burlingtoncourt@burlington.ca. You can mail in your Offence Notice when selecting the 'Early Resolution' option or submit your Offence Notice online

Do I have to come to a court office in-person for anything? 

No. All court services can be carried out online, by email at burlingtoncourt@burlington.ca or by phone at 905-637-1274 (with the exception of filing large documents).

My ticket says I have to choose an option within 15 days, but I am past that period. Can I get an extension? 

Please contact us at burlingtoncourt@burlington.ca for information about your options.

Requests, applications and payments

View how you can submit requests, applications and payments with Halton Court Services.

Trial requests

  • You may submit trial requests in-person, by mail or by email. Complete our Notice of Intention to Appear Form and attach a copy of the offence notice.

Early resolution requests

Re-opening and extension applications


Affidavit of Re-opening

  • The Affidavit of Re-opening currently does not need to be commissioned.