About Us

Burlington Transit is a public transportation bus service, operated by the City of Burlington.

Services we offer:

  • Fixed routes throughout the city
  • Specialized transit for riders with specialized mobility needs
  • Routes with connections to Hamilton, Oakville and GO Transit routes

Contact us

Contact us with any questions or comments, and learn about the location of our downtown terminal, mailing address and hours of operation.


We offer advertising opportunities on Burlington Transit buses, benches and shelters. Discover how you can advertise with us today!

Our vision and mission

Our vision is advancing innovative mobility for residents, employees and visitors.

To deliver on this vision, our mission is to provide mobility services that are reliable, efficient and innovative. Our mission recognizes:

  • Customer convenience
  • Reduction in automobile travel
  • Service quality
  • Sustainable transit options

Learn more with our Burlington Transit Business Plan, which details our current operations, strategic focus, business direction, assets, costs, affordability, and planned service improvements from 2020 to 2024.

We know we must be forward-thinking and innovative to plan and operate the type of service that is needed to meet and align with the direction provided in the City's Strategic Plan and the 2018-2022 From Vision to Focus plan.

Fun facts and figures

Learn more about Burlington Transit with these fun facts and figures!
  • We have a fleet of 63 conventional vehicles and 13 specialized vehicles
  • We provide service to four terminals (the Downtown Terminal, Aldershot GO terminal, Appleby GO terminal and 407 GO carpool lot)
  • We operate 365 days per year
  • We have four regular fare types: Child (ages 6 to 12), Youth (ages 13 to 19), Adult (ages 20 to 64) and Senior (ages 65-plus)
  • We operate on 16 routes
  • Two routes feature 15-minute or better service, seven routes feature 20- to 30-minute service and seven routes feature 40-minutes or greater service
  • The highest number of boardings occur on Route 1. The second highest number of boardings are on Route 10, while the third- and fourth-highest number of boardings are on Route 2 and Route 48, respectively
  • In 2020, 1.56 million trips were taken with Burlington Transit, 3.83 kilometres were driven and 2.1 million litres of fuel were used (data includes nine months of decreased service due to the COVID-19 pandemic)