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The City of Burlington understands the need to improve our homes for comfort and the environment. A key part of the City of Burlington’s Climate Action Plan is the goal of becoming a net carbon neutral community by 2050 by improving our building’s energy efficiency. Many buildings use fossil fuels for heating, cooling and lighting, which produces harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Improving the energy efficiency of your home can save money, improve comfort and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Upgrade your home comfort, value, and efficiency. Make your home better.

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Better Homes Burlington

Better Homes Burlington is here to help Burlington, Ontario homeowners navigate home upgrades from start to finish. Together, we can make our homes more efficient and affordable.

The creation of the Better Homes Burlington program was one of seven programs outlined in the City of Burlington’s Climate Action Plan. Better Homes Burlington will work with homeowners to navigate the journey of completing home upgrades for comfort and efficiency.