Adults 65 Ride for Free

Burlington Transit offers adults, ages 65 and older, free transit all day, every day.

Use your PRESTO card

To ride for free, you need to tap your PRESTO card. By using the PRESTO card, it shows our drivers that you get to ride for free without being asked for I.D. to prove your age. It also helps us know who’s riding the bus, when and where so we can offer you better service. And if you have a concern about Burlington Transit, it can help us to help you with your concern. If you don’t have a PRESTO card, you may be asked to pay a full cash fare.

Getting a PRESTO card

A PRESTO card costs $4. You can get a PRESTO card at:

Cards sold at the PRESTO vending machines at the GO Transit Stations are activated as adult cards. You can visit the Downtown Transit Terminal or any Shoppers Drug Mart location in Burlington to have your card set to the correct fare category: child, youth or senior.