Real-Time Bus Arrival Times

Burlington Transit provides real-time bus arrival times online with the MyRide application. Simply enter your stop, address or landmark, or browse through dozens of Burlington Transit arrival listings.

View bus times

How to track your bus online

On the MyRide application, track your bus by following the steps below:

View the map

Select 'Map' from the menu.

Find your route

Select your preferred route from the 'Routes' tab on the right side of the screen.

Choose your direction

Click the toggle to choose the direction your bus will take you (bus routes going in the opposite direction will appear transparent).

Find your bus on route

To view your bus, click on the moving bus icon. It will display the route, direction, bus number and current capacity.

Find your bus stop

To view your bus stop, select the white dot that indicates your stop. It will display the location, stop ID and next three arrival times.

Save your bus stop as a favourite

To save the stop as a 'favorite', click the star next to your bus stop or route. View your favorites by selecting 'Favorites' from the main menu.

How to find buses near you online

On the MyRide application, find buses near you by:

View bus times

Selecting 'Bus Times' from the main menu.

Enter your location

Entering your location into the 'Next Bus Times' address bar, or by enabling location services on your device.

Find buses near you

Nearby bus stops and next arrival times will be displayed.

Call to find bus times

You can call 289-812-8202 to find your next bus arrival time.

Text to find bus times

You can text your route number and stop number to 289-812-8202 and you will receive the next real-time bus arrival times at any stop.

For example, if you are at stop 796 on Route 10 northbound, you would text "769 10" to receive your information via text.

To refresh arrival times, reply "R" to your text that you received.

More help

If you need more help with trip planning, please call 905-639-0550.