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Part 1 - General Conditions and Provisions

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General Conditions

1. General Conditions

1.0 Title
1.1 Compliance with Other Regulations
1.2 Area to which By-Law Applies
1.3 Repeal of Existing By-Laws
1.4 Zone Designations
1.5 Zoning Exceptions
1.6 Compliance with this By-Law
1.7 Interpretation of Zone Boundaries
1.8 Interpretation of Words
1.9 Interpretation of "√" Symbol
1.10 Interpretation of Permitted Uses
1.11 Interpretation of Phased Condominium Registration
1.12 Administration, Enforcement and Penalties
1.13 Illustrations 


General Provisions

2. General Provisions

2.1 Accessory Uses
2.2 Accessory Buildings and Structures and Unitary Equipment
2.3 Patios and Decks - Residential
2.4 Fencing and Privacy Screens
2.5 Swimming Pools
2.6 Video Game and Pinball Machines
2.7 Propane Fuel Storage and Handling Facilities
2.8 Trailers and Recreation Vehicles
2.9 Car Wash
2.10 Motor Vehicle Service Station
2.11 Daylight Triangles
2.12 Visibility Triangles
2.13 Encroachment in to Yards
2.14 Lot of Record
2.15 Frontage on a Public Street
2.16 Site Plan and Building Permit Applications
2.18 Home Based Business, Cottage Industry, Home Industry
2.19 Office Uses in Residential Zones
2.20 Public Authority
2.21 Uses Permitted in All Zones
2.22 Prohibited Uses
2.23 Landscape Area and Landscape Buffer
2.24 Driveway Widths and Landscaped Open Space Area
2.25 Off Street Parking and Loading Requirements
2.26 General Parking Provisions
2.27 Deemed Street Width
2.28 Classification of Roads
2.29 Development Control
2.30 Lands Adjacent to Lake Ontario and Burlington Bay
2.31 Residential Building Height
2.32 Body-Rub Parlour Regulations
2.33 Parcel of Tied Land (Potl)
2.34 Exterior Barrier-Free Accessibility Ramp
2.35 Adult Entertainment Establishment Regulations
2.36 Setbacks Abutting Creek Blocks 02 Zones, 03 Zones and Rg Zones
2.37 Setback From a Creek 




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